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In India Liquid Jaggery is widely known as Indian Golden Syrup & Indian substitute for Maple Syrup. The product obtained from concentrating sugarcane juice after clarification. It is semi-liquid and is also known as sugarcane juice concentrate.

The liquid Jaggery contains water, sugar and non-sugar materials. The sugar is in the form of sucrose, glucose and fructose and the non-sugar materials are organic and inorganic materials viz. Proteins, amino acids, phenolic compounds, citric acid, gums, polysaccharides, wax, sterol, pigments, and salt of calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, zinc and sulphur etc.The invert sugar content of liquid Jaggery is more (about 33.7%) as compared to solid Jaggery (6.28%)and is quickly and easily-assimilated by the human digestive system and therefore, is recommended for the patients suffering from jaundice and anaemia etc. mostly in rural villages.

How to use

Healthier and Tastier substitute to white refined sugar. Can be added to Milk, Breakfast Cereals, Baby Food, Food Supplements,Health Juices, Green Tea, Herbal Teas, Milk Tea, Coffee, Sweet Dish, Bread, Kheer, Chapati, Rice,Ice Cream, Cakes, Pan cakes, Crepes, Puddings, Payasam,Payesh, Sambar, Rasam, Idly, Dosa or can be eaten in spoonfuls.

Can also be used as a substitute to honey in a variety of Herbal, Ayurvedic and Unani medicines like neem, tulsi, ginger powder(soonth), amla, ajwain, karela, Wheat grass, etc. Some consider it as an Indian substitute for Maple Syrup.

 Health Benefits
  • Helps in blood purification.
  • It controls the acidity as well as creates energy in the human body.
  • It increases Hemoglobin level in blood.
  • Useful for Students & Sportsmen to recover lost energy.
  • It is highly nutritious & lite to digest.
  • It is a sovereign medicine in Yellow Fever.
  • It is a healthy diet for children & aged person’s health.
  • It removes tiredness & energizes the body.
  • It is used as an ingredient for making Ice Cream, Sudharas, and Fruit Salad.
  • Instead of sugar Liquid Jaggery (Kakavi) is used as a natural sweetening agent.
  • From the ancient times, Liquid Jaggery (Kakavi) is used to increase the blood level of pregnant women after delivery.
  • It contains Proteins & natural sugar like Glucose, Fructose & Sucrose.
  • It contains Minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus & Folic Acid which are essential for body.
  • It contains Minerals like Iron, Copper and Sulfur which is useful for body.
  • It is useful for H.I.V patients. It recovers the energy loss in the body.
  • Liquid Jaggery (Kakavi) can be used to recover lost energy during any disease.
  • It is used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic Medicines and Syrups.
  • It is useful for weight gain.
  • Liquid Jaggery (Kakavi) can be used as dietary supplement.
  • In daily diet it can be consumed with Bread, Chapati, Jowar Bhakri, Millet Bhakri, Puran Poli, Roti,etc.

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