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Whitening Facial Soap


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Brand: Natures Glow

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200 Ml.

Benefits of Our Whitening Facial Soap

·         Removes hyper pigmentation & blemish problem from the skin

·         Purifies & lightens the skin

·         Decreases synthesis of melanin and makes skin look fresh & more radiant

·         Reduces acne & pimple marks


·         Protects skin from darkening

Nature’s Glow skin whitening soap formulation is uniquely more effective and safe because only the best cosmetic grade ingredients are used, which delivers the active ingredients deeper into the skin. Our formulation delivers the active bleaching ingredients deep into the skin where the pigment production takes place. It has active ingredients which gives bleaching effects. It makes skin lighter making it look fresh and more radiant. Remove hyper pigmentation, blemish problem Purifies and lightens the skin Decreases synthesis of melanin to make the skin lighter for whiter look. Reduces acne and pimple marks. Protects skin from darkening. Available in 100 and 30 Grams.

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